Finbricks brings you the new open banking aggregation platform MULTIBANK, which will provide you with access to a wide range of financial data and banking products. Our solution is affordable even for start-ups and small companies alike. You can enhance your applications with additional functionalities and bring your users new experience when using your services.


With our MULTIBANK service, you get access to basic banking operations, such as payment request or transaction history download, all through a single and simple interface. We will handle the differences in the solutions of individual banks for you and you will get simple and standardized service that will allow you to enhance your applications with functionalities that used to be the exclusive domain of financial institutions.

Payment initiation

Initiation of payments, including instant payments. After payment authorization, you will keep receiving actual status of the payment until it has been fully processed.

Account information

Bank account information from the list of accounts, through detailed account information, including the owner's name, to download ready transaction history.

Recurring payments

Manage all recurring payments from one place. Standing order initiation, change and cancellation, including information on all user ‘s standing orders.

Other financial services

Through our single interface, we offer access to other financial products, such as BankID, distributed payment from Essox or the payment gateway.

User management

Thanks to this service, we will remember your user and the connection with his bank will be even easier. All data is securely stored in our systems.

Systems Status

Information on the actual status of our systems, banking APIs, services and other relevant systems. Planned outages and operational incidents.


We do not supply only technical solutions. With us, you will gain not just the technology to connect to the banks, but also a know-how in the field of banking products.
We provide products that are fine-tuned both technically and in terms of business functionality. Just a few of many reasons to use Finbricks:

  • Access to all banks via one interface
  • Premium products built in banking API services
  • Continuous improvement of the product range and services
  • We provide services for partners without a PSD2 license as well
  • The services are designed and developed by a team with extensive experience in the banking environment


Easy implementation thanks to unified REST services defined by OpenAPI specifications and our technical support. Here are some examples of our API calls, more in our online documentation.

POST /transaction/platform/init
"merchantId": "c3073b9d-edd0-49f2-a28d-b7ded8ff9a8b",
"merchantTransactionId": "e284d244-f2ce-4ee6-9ae3-27869cbd8d0f",
"totalPrice": "372.88",
"debtorAccountIban": "CZ5508000000001234567899",
"creditorAccountIban": "CZ5508000000001234567899",
"description": "Platba za energie",
"variableSymbol": "0123456789",
"specificSymbol": "0123456789",
"constantSymbol": "0308",
"callbackUrl": "" ,
"clientId": "string",
"instructionPriority": "NORM",

GET /account/listWithBalance
"id": "y3FeaZyvItso-clhpV18X60orMVgulFdBx7",
"accountNumber": "1230723110207/0100",
"iban": "CZ1401000001230727810207",
"balance": "372.88",
"currency": "CZK",
"productName": "Kreditka",
"accountName": "Můj účet",
"pispSuitable": "true",
"ownersNames": "Jan Novak",
"creditDebitIndicator": "DBIT" ,
"dateTime": "2020-09-30T14:45:54.169Z",
"bic": "KOMBCZPP",

POST /auth/authenticate
"merchantId": "c3073b9d-edd0-49f2-a28d-b7ded8ff9a8b",
"clientId": "string",
"provider": "KB",
"scope": "AISP",
"callbackUrl": "" ,

GET /status/paymentProviders
"name": "Komerční banka",
"paymentProvider": "KB",
"bankCode": "0100",
"countryCode": "CZ",
"bic": "KOMBCZPP",
"logoUrl": "",
"enabledForMerchant": "true",
"currentStatus": "online" ,


Choose the type of MULTIBANK service and start the implementation. We offer 3 basic programs, from downloading transaction history, through payment initiation, to access to all our functionalities for the most demanding implementations.

For each program, we offer up to 3 months FREE access to the production environment for development and testing purposes.

Accounts and transactions

from CZK 10,000 per month

You can download a transaction history from an user's bank for further use in your application.

  • Access to all banks
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Access to partner services
  • Premium support
  • Basic operation guarantee
Payments and accounts

Price per transaction

Allow your users to pay for products and services directly from your application.

  • Access to all banks
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Access to partner services
  • Premium support
  • Basic operation guarantee
Multibank Premium

Individual pricing

Premium program with complete access to all products without any restrictions.

  • Access to all banks
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Access to partner services
  • Integration support
  • SLA and other guarantees



Send us an inquiry, we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you and sign a contract.


We will send you the access data, connect to our API and start developing.


Everything is tested and deployed. Your users have access to their banking products.


Are you impressed by what MULTIBANK from Finbricks can do? Arrange an appointment with us and together, we can discuss what we can offer to you.